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Amenity Pass Application

  1. Cascades Community Association

    Please email the management staff for any questions about the application.

  2. Information

    Required for all Owners and Tenants.

    Please fill out the form below for gym cards or tennis keys.

    To register for pool passes, please click here.

  3. ex:

  4. ex:

  5. (REQUIRED one-time fee of $50.00 for tenants. The $50 fee covers the cost of two gym cards and pool access, but does NOT cover cost of tennis key.)

    ***Tenant fee can be paid at the Lowes Island Community Center or via Square Up using the "Pay Now" option below.

  6. Tenants MUST upload their lease in order to obtain gym cards or a tennis key.

  7. Amenities

    For Gym Cards and Tennis Key ONLY

  8. Things to Keep in Mind...

    Read or download Rules and Regulations (PDF)

    ***DO NOT PAY for Tenant Recreation Fee or BUY Gym Cards/Tennis Court Keys WITHOUT filling out the form above FIRST.***

  9. Tenant Recreation Fee


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  10. Tennis Court Key


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  11. Gym Card


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