Finance Committee

Regular Meetings

  • 7pm
  • Monday of the same week as the Board of Directors meeting


  • Dwight Bridges - Board Liaison
  • Paul Lin - Chairperson
  • Richard Shapiro
  • Janet Romanchyk
  • Shahab Moloudi
  • Jean Honey
  • Rachel Mace
  • Michael Broadaway


The primary responsibility of the Finance Committee is to advise and assist the Board of directors in planning and administering a program of financial management for the association. In fulfilling its responsibility, the Finance Committee performs functions that include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Participate with the Board of Directors, the management agent, and other committees in the development of the annual budget, including replacement reserve schedules.
  • Review and evaluate association financial statements.
  • Advise the board of directors regarding the short-term and long-term investment of association funds, in a manner consistent with the governing documents.
  • Advise the board of directors in matters relating to delinquencies and the collection of assessments.
  • Advise the board of directors in matters relating to the annual audit and preparation of the association's tax returns.
  • Perform other functions as directed or approved by the board of directors.