Resales & Community Documents

Disclosure products to include resales and refinances can be ordered through Community Archives.

How to Order a Resale Package or Other Community Documents for Cascades Community Association

  1. Go to the Community Archives
  2. This will take you to Community Archives which is the internet-based provider for resale packages for the Cascades Community.
  3. If you have never placed an order before you will need to register as a first-time user. It is free to register. Follow those step-by-step instructions and create a login and password, which will take you to a new screen. If you already have a user name and password, please utilize the green box to input that information and log in.
  4. Once there, you will need to type in the first few letters of the community to pull up the community you are ordering for.
  5. Select your community and a list of products will show up on the screen. Please review each product and the list of what each product contains below the product's name. Click Order Now to the right of the product you would like to order. Please note that under each product order button, there is an option to review the sample product.
  6. Once you click on Place an Order, you will be taken to the Order Information Screen. Fill in the blank fields on this screen and choose your delivery format. When selecting your Delivery Turn Around Time, please notice that the times listed are business days and hours, not calendar days or hours. Please note Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays are not included in business days and that non-office hours are not included in the business hours calculation. Common mistakes in filling out this screen include incorrect property addresses and owners' names. Please take care to input this information carefully and make sure it is correct. Incorrect information can delay the processing of your order.
  7. Click on Checkout to proceed to checkout and follow the prompts to complete your order.

If you have any issues with the use of this website or registering to use this website, please contact Community Archives Customer Service at 800-995-0682 or the Cascades Community Management Office at 703-406-0820. For a more detailed explanation on how to order documents please use this guide (PDF).